Balloon Gas

Disposable Balloon Gas cannisters are ideal for parties and celebrations held at home where you are just looking to inflate a small amount of party balloons. These easy to use cannisters will help you create a party atmosphere in an instant.

If you are looking to inflate party balloons on a larger scale then we recommend you visit our Helium to Hire pages where you can hire Helium. There is a large choice of sizes available with a hassle free delivery service of the helium tanks delivered direct to your event.


Disposable Balloon Gas without Balloons
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SKU: U80016

Inflates up to 30 latex balloons Balloons are not included.
0.25 cubic metres

Our price: £42.53
including VAT
(from 1 to 20)
Disposable Helium Canister with Balloons
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SKU: 12376B

Inflates up to 50 latex balloons or 24 foil balloons. Bag of assorted balloons and ribbon are included.
0.42 cubic metres

Our price: £52.31
including VAT
(from 1 to 65)