Off with Their Hats

No Halloween party is complete without fancy dress! We reckon great fancy dress is all about the details, like outfit add-ons and party accessories! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make the best investments and spooky statements with Halloween fancy dress accessories!

A hat can make the outfit! We carry heaps of witches, wizards and horror-filled Halloween hats that are perfect for little monsters, middle-aged witches, elderly wizards and even the odd dastardly devil! Witch and wizard hats in particular can be great for folks looking to spend as little as possible on their fancy dress outfit – stick on a black suit or dress, add a Halloween hat and away on your broomstick you go!

The saving grace of all Halloween-phobics in the land! Some folks just aren’t “dress up” people, or maybe you’re just looking for a little silly spooky something to wear to the office or around school? Either way, our reputation for Halloween ideas in the UK means we’re pretty savvy when it comes to low-key fancy dress. And masks are something we LOVE! Super recommendations for thrifty folks looking for cheap fancy dress include “Scream” masks, “Halloween Skull Monster” masks “Zombie” masks.

Ever seen a scary clown without orange curly hair? Or a fiendish witch without hip-length black tresses? We stock LOADS of great wigs; all designed to be comfortable, look great and turn even the friendliest folks into ghoulish girls and gruesome gents!

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