1980s comeback in party supplies

Childrens Party ThemesThe 1980s were either loved or hated by us, but however you feel about the decade of 30 years ago we cannot move away from the fact that it is returning. Fashions are coming back with ra-ra skirts and leg warmers back on the catwalk, old style TV shows returning to our screens and big movies being based on the old 80s films.

This comeback also applies to the party world with familiar faces returning on our party tableware and decorations. The latest ranges to arrive at Partybox will send us spiralling back to our younger days and happy memories of childhoods watching fun cartoons with cute characters.

With Banana in Pyjamas, My Little Pony and Transformers, to name just a few, making a comeback Partybox are pleased to announce their full range of party supplies and decorations so you can relive your childhood. For those who are celebrating the big 4-0 this year why not transport yourself back to the 80s and reminisce with this great range of Themes and Tableware coming soon.

By Alison Greenan

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