Party Balloons

Party Balloons Choose from our superb range of highest quality party balloons - plain latex and pearlised finishes in many different colours. Plus loads of printed balloons in all your favourite themes and birthday ages. We've also got fun novelty and modelling balloons and essential balloon decorating accessories like pumps, mini-weight boxes and sticks & cups. Click on the pictures below to see each full range. Don't forget, due to the rubber stretching, inflated balloons often look a different (usually paler or more opaque) colour than when they are deflated .


Need Party Balloons for your Celebrations?

Party balloons are a staple part of any celebration, alongside other traditional items such as cake, hats, banners and games. Balloons are attractive and a fun addition to every party. At Party Box, we stock a huge range of balloons to celebrate any occasion, including high quality helium balloons and foil balloons. We also provide helium gas to ensure your balloons stay afloat.

We offer one of the biggest and best ranges of balloons online. Our selection includes themed balloons, patterned balloons, standard latex balloons in all colours, shaped balloons and even foil numerals to remind everyone how old the birthday boy or girl is. Our party balloons can be bought in bulk to create bunches, either in one colour or several for a vibrant arrangement.

Our latex balloons can be filled with air or helium gas to create a floating bunch or table decorations. We know that you want your party balloons to be of the highest quality and to last for the duration of the celebrations, and beyond if guests want to take some home. This is why we make our balloons to the highest standards and provide helium gas so you can top them up again and again.


Choose from our Huge Range of Balloons

As well as helium gas balloons, we also provide several other kinds of party balloons, such as modelling and twisting styles. These can be used to create all kinds of designs, such as animals, shapes, letters and anything else you can think of. Simply blow them up and then let your imagination and hands do the rest. You can wow your guests with your creations, or let them have a go themselves. They make wonderful souvenirs for people to take away afterwards, or to decorate each table.

Our range of foil balloons features a great selection of designs to suit a number of tastes. For example, we supply foil balloons which are shaped as hearts and stars, as well as designs which feature Disney characters and the adorable Mr Men and Little Miss cast of characters. Our foil balloons are also available for specific occasions, with numerals featuring as key components of the designs as well as ghosts for those Halloween celebrations.

Whatever balloons you need for your special occasion, you are sure to find them at Party Box. Simply browse our exciting range for high-quality balloons at low prices.


Birthday Foil Balloons
Birthday Foil Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Aged Foil Balloons
Aged Foil Balloons for every party from Partybox

Birthday Latex Balloons
Birthday Latex Balloons for every party from Partybox

Aged Latex Balloons
Packs of latex balloons to celebrate landmark birthdays age 1 to 100 & special party occasions.

Kids Foil Balloons
Kids Foil Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Messaged Foil Balloons
Messaged Foil Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Giant Foil Letter Balloons
Giant Foil Letter Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Giant Foil Numeral Balloons
Foil numeral balloons in an assortment of colours. Zero to nine you can create any number combination to celebrate your occasion.

Foil Balloons
Gorgeous metallic effect, mylar foil balloons in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and designs - ideal for helium-filling.

Bubble Balloons
Bubbles Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Themed Balloons
Themed Balloons to match your party theme & complete your decorations. Featuring many popular party & cartoon characters.

Patterned Balloons
Balloons printed with distinctive patterns to add extra visual interest to your balloon decorations or to boost your theme.

Plain Party Balloons
Plain Party Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Novelty & Modelling Balloons
Creative twisty Modelling balloons, screeching Rocket balloons, Punchball balloons, Waterbomb balloons - novelty balloons galore!

Personalised Balloons
Personalised Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Balloon Gas
Balloon Gas For every Party from Partybox

Ribbons & Bows
Florist-style curling ribbons & Pull-bows in many colours & sizes. For gift wrapping and decorating.

Balloon Weights
Buy from our extensive range of decorative Balloon Weights.

Accessories & Pumps
Balloon pumps, Balloon Party Drop Kits, Sticks & Cups, Balloon weight boxes. Accessories you'll need for balloon decorating & inflating.

Occasion Balloons
Occasion Balloons For every Party from Partybox

Latex balloons come in all shapes, colours and sizes and are one of the easiest party decorations you can use to introduce colour and impact to your party decorations, event venue or special occasion. Because our latex party balloons are of the very highest quality, they can be filled with either air or helium gas, depending on the look you want to create. Helium gas will make your balloons float with the knotted neck end facing down, especially if you attatch a length of curling ribbon to the knotted neck. Using helium you can create spectacular 'bunches' of balloons, ideal for tablecentrepieces at special functions. Floating balloons on ribbons also make super party treats or corporate giveaways for children. Remember though, helium filled latex balloons will generally only stay afloat for up to 8 hours.

Generously sized 11 inch, Pearl-finish latex balloons add a luxurious touch to your party decorations with a soft, shiny sheen or pearly metallic effect of the treated rubber. Particularly popular for grown-up parties, weddings and special occasions, pearl latex balloons create stunning decorations. The incredible range of colours we have on offer, in both packs of 8 and 50 balloons, means you can easily create colour combinations to compliment every party theme, seasonal event or corporate occasion.

Whether you call them Diamond Clear, Crystal Clear or Jewel-tone, the amazing see-through effect you get with the totally transparent Crystal Clear balloon range is truly fabulous! Available in packs of 50, the colours of these 11 inch latex balloons look just like the finest precious jewels when you see the light shining through them. Combine them with our printed, standard and pearl-finish balloons to create dramatic balloon displays and party decorations.